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What’s your bottom line?

Oft heard in a commercial negotiation, is the customer asking the supplier for his bottom line. We all know what that means. It is the price below which the supplier will not go. Or perhaps I should say, the price … Continue reading

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How important are small businesses to the UK economy?

In the last ten years in the UK the number of SME’s – ie those with 249 or fewer employees – has grown by 31% whilst the number of big boys has fallen by 12%. So if you are the … Continue reading

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Put me down as against

Have you ever stopped to notice but for each yea sayer there’s also a noe? Or more collectively for each pro-something, there’s an anti-something? A while back it was a commonly held belief that fox-hunting wasn’t something we should do … Continue reading

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Top ten start-up tips

GOING INTO BUSINESS – TOP TEN Going into business for oneself can be the most rewarding step you could ever take. However there are a few things I think you really should consider: 1. It’s going to take twice as … Continue reading

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Start-ups – real help?

Authors of start-up books assume too much. Because something is, as our US cousins put it, motherhood and apple pie to them, they assume their audience knows it too. But with start-ups it’s different. Certainly the starter-upper is probably well … Continue reading

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Can we change financial reporting for ever?

I think over time, the Annual Report has become a dumping ground for company bound legislation of varying sorts – in the same way really, that over history (until 2006 Companies Act) the Company Secretary became the legal dog for … Continue reading

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