Put me down as against

Have you ever stopped to notice but for each yea sayer there’s also a noe?

Or more collectively for each pro-something, there’s an anti-something?

A while back it was a commonly held belief that fox-hunting wasn’t something we should do any more. The moment however legislation threatened, it seems half the country were marching against the ban as the Countryside Alliance.

The other day, someone thought all dangerous dogs should be banned. Did I hear the RSPCA come out against that idea?

And so it goes on, right into Government. Somewhere is written in stone that the opposition’s task is to oppose the government.

But we’ve abolished slavery. Surely with two centrist parties (or three if we give Liberals proportional representation in this statement) with the country in a mess – it is time for some parliamentary co-operation, agree what is right for the country and do a few things consensually – therefore giving more time and air space to issues that do matter.

But then, do I agree with myself?

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