what we do

We solve our clients’ problems.

Simply put, HIBC is a business consultancy that works with our clients to solves their business problems and help them achieve long-term, sustainable success.


HIBC’s goes beyond management consultants’ reports and blue sky recommendations. We believe our approach sets us apart from other business consultants.

business and market strategy

Business and Market Strategy defines the direction of your business. HIBC has built strategies for many leading companies aimed at achieving and maintaining a sector-leading position. We shape strategies for long-term profitability and sustainable success and at all levels: corporate; business unit; product line; profit or cost centre and at any stage in the business lifecycle.

A business minus a strategy is a losing lottery ticket. A strategy determines direction and allows itself to be broken into achievable bite-sized chunks.HIBC understands the importance of delivering a workable strategy. HIBC is therefore particularly keen to not only deliver the vision but be a stakeholder in its implementation. As such, HIBC often works alongside its principals and has a fee structure tailored to match.

building your business

Building Businesses, whether starting from scratch or in established enterprises, business growth is a constant management priority. HIBC has long been involved in building businesses. We have kick-started and delivered mergers, sold unwanted activities and built new divisions from scratch.

At HIBC we’ve created new directions for established businesses, including online activity, and integrated acquired operations within agreed timeframes and budgets. Whatever your sector or situation, you want to build your business. This may mean growing your existing one; acquiring another; start a new business alongside your existing or in another geography.

HIBC encourages clients to think inside the box. Many successful growth strategies involve resources already known to our clients but where a new strategy, some shrewd negotiation, provision of finance or other catalyst has enabled it to happen. HIBC don’t simply line up opportunities – it works with clients and will tailor its fee structure to ensure a win-win.

solving business problems

Business Turnaround is a major management challenge. HIBC has a great turn-around team. Our expert consultants create new ways of working, new channels to market, new products and new  customers. HIBC is able to overhaul your existing business, rationalising its cost base, reducing its working capital requirements  and shaping its employee base for the future.

If your business is absorbing cash without the prospect of promised returns it is in need of reinvigoration.  HIBC will not only agree objectives with you for the turnaround but also structure its own fee to demonstrate its commitment to the  realisation of the plan.

HIBC is hands-on and not simply a crafter of fine words.  We’ll be a part of the turn around or recovery, whether through creditor and bank negotiation; tackling profitability; or identifying and exploiting  effectively all viable opportunities available to the business.

seed capital to acquisition funding

Business Funding is the lifeblood of a business throughout its lifecycle. Seed capital, development or acquisition funding, additional working capital are all vital to support survival and growth. HIBC works with investors and institutions throughout the world and with companies of all sizes in need of funding.

HIBC also works with its clients to develop their funding strategy, a credible business plan and investment memorandum. We often find that great ideas are simply not communicated effectively. It is  essential that any funding proposal has all the elements investors require to gain confidence in both the overall proposal, the prospects for the busines and the management team to deliver  them.

We introduce and or match investors, from our extensive network, to great investment proposals. We will devise a plan to get your proposal in front of the right funds and investors for  your specific sector or business, to maximise the chances of securing the funds your business needs to succeed. Then we will assist in all aspects of closing the deal. HIBC is committed to  your success and aligns its fees to successful funding outcomes.

But not all funds need necessarily to come from external sources. When new initiatives are being planned we know its also essential that businesses maximise their own cash  resources internally. This may mean managing stocks and receivables, salaries’ costs, suppliers and procurement tenders.

HIBC is also adept at creating share schemes for both employees and new investors, aligning the interests of all stakeholders in the success of the business.

And our sector and functional management expertise is as rounded as it is deep.

 Our core expertise…

sector expertise functional expertise

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