functional expertise

At HIBC we all have functional and management specialisms, expertise which collectively enables us to work holistically across a business, delivering joined-up results.

Turn-around & Recovery

restructuring      |      costs optimisation     |     right-sizing
transformation & change     |     financial re-engineering


business strategy     |     market strategy     |     growth strategies
strategic planning     |     Investment business plans     |     business cases

Product Portfolio

product & portfolio development     |     product management
portfolio optimisation & restructuring     |     post merger portfolio integration

Mergers, Acquisitions & Disposals

merger opportunity evaluation     |     due diligence
post merger integration     |     exit & disposal

Building Businesses

coaching entrepreneurs     |     raising investment     |     business plans
business strategy     |     market research & planning     |     marketing strategy
product design & development


business plans     |     business cases
financial reporting and accounts     |     financial restructuring
share schemes     |     employee incentives

By combining our functional expertise with our sector expertise, HIBC is a powerful, “no nonsense” consultancy that delivers real world results tailored to your business needs.  Contact us now for your free no obligation initial discussion.


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