Peter Neilson

Peter is a serial entrepreneur with a global network of contacts.

Peter has a strong strategic planning and marketing background, which has seen him create and grow successful companies usually at the start of new market trends.

In his early career peter worked with international brands such as BAT and BP at the International public relations firm Neilson McCarthy. Thereafter he acquired the Aquacell Nutraceutical delivery system from Bioglan Australia and formed The Chancellor Group PLC as a Joint venture with TIL Medical Ltd. The company developed a number of new delivery systems that increased absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and other drugs. The new Technology was initially used for oil soluble vitamins and other essential fats and then further developed for use with growth hormones and insulin. The Chancellor Group Plc was later sold to the Cortex Group.

Peter went on to found World Telecom; which counted many of Europe’s major brands amongst its customers. He designed and implemented the switching and network infrastructure that launched The Global Calling Card and developed the industry’s most successful affinity marketing programs at that time,  winning Nat West, HSBC, Virgin, British Airways and hundreds of FTSE 500 companies as users. Subsequently Peter was responsible for winning, and then designed, built and implemented the original Orange Prepaid mobile phone service in the UK. The service was launched on a bespoke software engine that was ahead of any other prepaid network introduces two years after the initial launch.

World Telcom was acquired in 1999.   Peter left, but not before buying out the Web based email service to build what became Freeserve’s “FS Mail”, the first major ISP Web bases email service in Europe.

Thereafter returned to the Nutritional field by acquiring and relaunching the well known nutritional brands “BioScience” and “Advanced Nutrition”. The company introduced a non-invasive whole body nutritional screening system and  stocked and distributed over 1000 products to the nutritional trade.

Advanced Nutrition acquired and merged the Skin care brand “YIN YANG” and then sold the complete operating business to G&G Food supplies.

Peter went on to found World Energy Resources LLP (“WER”) to exploit the opportunity of rising coal prices in the US. Until 2004 coal had been fairly unprofitable but was beginning to rise on the back of the surge in the oil price. WER acquired 17,000 acres of brown-field mines and brought them out of Chapter 11.  Peter formed Atlantic Development and Capital LLC and Appalachian Coal Ltd to manage the process of reviving these dormant mines. Today these projects, which regenerated the community of Beckley West Virginia, produce over 4 million tons of metallurgical coal. The company was listed on Aim as Coal International plc and was eventually acquired by Walter Energy. WER coal reserves now represent some 11% of Walter Energy.

In 2007 Peter Co founded Siroko Power a company set up to exploit the green power opportunity of on-shore wind farms. Siroko in cooperation with Continental Wind Power is developing a portfolio of European wind farms. Latterly Peter has worked as a board director of ORION Telecom: Funded by a London based asset manager and the European Bank of reconstruction and development “EBRD”. Orion has consolidated several Telco’s and ISP’s in Serbia with the goal of developing a pan Ex Yugoslavian network.  It now  provides triple play services over its 500 Km fibre network and CDMA mobile data network in Belgrade and other cities of the former Yugoslavia.


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